CBD Industry Association and the Cannabinoid Medicine Studies Partner with the CWCBExpo Events

Pismo Beach, CA – April 7, 2020 – Today the Cannabinoid Medicine Studies program and its primary endorser, the CBD Industry Association jointly announced that they will be partnering with the popular Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo (CWCBExpo) trade shows and conferences in Los Angeles, New York and Boston in 2020. The Cannabinoid Medicine Studies program, whose curriculum is all physician created and physician or Ph.D. taught will be conducting their courses and subsequently issuing certifications, after testing. Courses will be conducted throughout the 2-3 days of the conferences. Certifications include Certified CBD Consultant, Certified Flavonoid Specialist, Certified Cannabinoid Blending Formulator, A Day with MacKay: The Cannabinoid Extraction, Certified Minor Phytocannabinoid Specialist, Cannabinoid Sports Specialist, Accredited Terpene Specialist, Certified CBD Compliance Consultant, Certified CBD Pain Management Consultant, Certified Cannabinoid Senior Care Specialist and Certified CBD Skincare Consultant. “We are excited to have our instructor physicians in attendance and bring our certification courses to the CWCBExpo conferences,” said Heidi Sewell, Executive Director. The Cannabinoid Industry Association (CBDIA) is the entity responsible for bringing these educational courses to CWCBExpo. As the largest endorser of the courses and the certifications, CBDIA will also be partnering with CWCBExpo, bringing an inaugural pavilion to the exhibit floor. The pavilion will showcase CBDIA members and their services. Attendees will also be able to discuss membership with senior CBDIA team members.. “Joining forces and partnering with CWCBExpo is such a great opportunity for us to continue our mission of educating, informing, supporting, and advancing the cannabis industry as a whole,” said Graciela Moreno, Executive Director “We are looking forward to having the CBDIA Pavilions and the  physician created Cannabinoid Medicine Studies and certification programs at our 2020 events,” said Greg Marco, President of CWCBExpo. CWCBExpo conferences will be held in Los Angeles, September 16-17 ; New York, October 1-3; and Boston, October 21-22. About CBD Industry Association: The Cannabinoid Industry Association (CBDIA) captures the ceaseless development and explosive growth of the CBD and Cannabis industry as the industry’s leading trade association. CBDIA empowers professionals in the cannabinoid industry with education, advocacy, and community. CBDIA nurtures and advances enduring success and awareness – no matter where you are in the industry. About Cannabinoid Medicine Studies: The Cannabinoid Medicine Studies are endorsed by the Cannabinoid Industry Association and offers certification courses that are overseen by our partnered physician and CMO, Adam Abodeely, (MD, MBA, FACS, FASCRS) to provide specialization and continuing education platforms for its members, CBD industry and medical professionals. As the CBD industry continues to grow, there are many evolving complexities that require strategic know-how and the most up-to-date knowledge on the nuisances of the industry to get ahead. Our courses offer the key essentials to prepare the CBD industry to take on these demands to be able to help their clients and patients reach their goals. About Cannabis World Congress & Business Expositions (CWCBExpo): CWCBExpos (www.cwcbexpo.com) are the premier business-to-business events for the legalized cannabis industry and are held 3 times per year in the largest business, financial, and media markets—New York City, Los Angeles and Boston. The CWCBExpo Cannabis Week will bring the industry together for continued networking and community-building. Connect on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn: @cwcbexpo.