Brazilian CBD Import Market Ripe for Opportunity but Relatively Unknown

The global expansion of the CBD industry is still in full force. New opportunities abound in various countries and regions of the world as widespread mainstream acceptance turns to commercial and medical potential. This is obviously exciting for both those producing CBD products and the public who demands more and more offerings. But these enticing possibilities can slip away quickly if not taken advantage of. The worldwide ascension of the CBD industry creates more competition in the sheer number of companies and products currently available. One huge market that has been left out of the global CBD industry is Brazil. Being the largest country in Latin America, the potential for a booming CBD market is obvious, if only it were as easy to approach as other regions. Brazil held strong against commercialized cannabis sale and use of any kind for some time, but recent developments have created the possibility for a huge CBD import market. The vast potential that lies in wait in this South American powerhouse is still governed by rules and regulations against domestic production and distribution of cannabis for CBD – laying the foundation for importers outside of the country to take full advantage of a giant consumer base lacking a local supply. What this means is that the only way for CBD products to be sold in Brazil is if they are imported. And that simple fact opens the door for any CBD company to tap into the Brazilian market and its imminent boom. If you’re aware of it and know how to work with the current regulations in place, that is. What You Need to Know About the Brazilian CBD Market It’s not going to be as easy as shipping your products to South America and watching the profits role in. Even though Brazil is poised to be potentially the largest CBD import market in the world, that’s right – the world. If you don’t know how to have your products comply with ANVISA regulations, you’ll have a tough time getting products on shelves and available for sale in the first place. ANVISA is the National Sanitary Surveillance Agency of Brazil, basically the FDA equivalent in the country and it holds the key to any potential CBD importing success. ANVISA passed a resolution in late 2019 that kept domestic cultivation of medical cannabis in Brazil but allowed the distribution of imported CBD products. This is the golden key that opens up the door to so much importing potential. If you are able to comply with the ANVISA regs, you stand a chance to really do well with your CBD products in Brazil. But as I said before, it’s not a wide-open market, ripe for the picking. You absolutely must follow the regulations if you hope to profit. Some things you need to know about the Brazilian CBD import market and its regulations:

  • Extracts are the only allowable form of CBD (or cannabis, in general) in the country. Flower or any type of plant matter is strictly prohibited. This means you need to have your extraction completed before importation. Further processing to turn the extract into other products can occur in Brazil, but the process of turning plant material into extract needs to occur prior to import.
  • CBD products need to be under 0.2% total THC in order to be made widely available for sale. Anything over this 0.2% limit will only be allowed for use by the terminally ill or anyone else in very poor medical condition. If your goal is mass sales and the success that follows, you need to keep CBD extracts and products at or under this limit.
  • You’ll also need to have GMP standards that are certified by ANVISA. GMP stands for good manufacturing practice, and if you didn’t know that before reading this, you’re almost certainly not ready to take advantage of the global CBD market. Make sure that your company or facility adheres to these practices throughout your production chain in order to access the Brazilian market. They are being strict in this regard and it’s not worth messing around with. You’ll also want to have good practices and documentation in place for the distribution and storage of CBD products to keep Brazilian regulators satisfied as well.
Public and professional perception of CBD in Brazil is still a mixed bag. Doctors and other medical professionals are still somewhat leery of using it as a treatment or prescribing its use to patients. But if the rest of the world is any indication, this will soon be changing as public opinion and world-wide acceptance shifts the tide of conservative attitudes on cannabis. The regulations might sound strict but in reality, if you want access to a vast market, it’s more than worth making any necessary adjustments. The largest country on a continent not allowing domestic production of a hot commodity while allowing its import should set off the profit alarms of any company in the CBD industry looking to make a global imprint. It’s too good of an opportunity to ignore and Brazil just might turn into a CBD importer’s dream.

MACE Media Group Magazines Are Now Digital-only & Free to All Readers

Pismo Beach, CA, September 22, 2020 — MACE Media Group, one of the nation’s largest diversified media and information companies in the cannabis space, announced today that all of their magazines will now be free and digital-only.

The COVID-19 era has significantly altered the way readers prefer to consume content. After talking with different stakeholders, MACE Media decided that digital-only delivery would provide the safest method of readership due to health and sanitation issues.

The decision to go digital-only is accompanied by zero cost to readers, opening up a new portfolio of rich content that will be available to all. As of today, there will be no barriers to accessing any issues of MACE Media magazines, which include Terpenes & Testing, Extraction Magazine, CBD Health & Wellness, and Hemp Farmer. Print copies of the magazines will be available in limited supply upon direct request.

This decision is permanent for all magazines under the company’s banner, except for The Journal of Cannabinoid Medicine, which will be printed twice a year at a subscription rate.

MACE Media Group CEO Celeste Miranda is greatly looking forward to sharing the company’s diversified, in-depth content with current and future readers within the cannabis industry.

“We’ve all faced new challenges within the past year, and the team at MACE has quickly adapted to this new world,” she said. “The decision to go digital-only made the most sense to us. In addition to furthering the reach of our content, the cost savings allowed us to remove subscription fees and make everything open access.”

For readers who are interested in accessing current and past issues of each magazine, there is an option to view these on desktop, as well as on apps for each magazine through Google Play or iTunes. The company is also working on building a dedicated app allowing access to all publications in one place.

To access magazine content, please visit the following URLs:

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Hemp Farmer:

You can also sign up for each magazine’s newsletter, which delivers fresh content from curated blogs to your Inbox every week.

About MACE Media Group

MACE Media Group publishes niche cannabis industry trade publications. Its premiere title, Terpenes and Testing Magazine, was the first industry trade publication devoted to cannabis science. Its newer publications, CBD Health & Wellness Magazine, Extraction Magazine, and Hemp Farmer, revolve around the growing cannabinoid industry to provide news on trending applications, medical research, and updates with laws and regulations.

MACE also produces many trade events that attract dozens of cannabis and mainstream media journalists. Currently, MACE Media Group is producing a tour of CBD expos bringing together thousands of industry influencers, forming the most comprehensive CBD event in the United States.

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MACE Welcomes Colby McCoy as Assistant Editor to Hemp Farmer Magazine

Sep. 22, 2020, San Luis Obispo, CA – MACE Media Group welcomes Colby McCoy as the Assistant Editor to Hemp Farmer Magazine. McCoy will be tasked with managing and editing content for Hemp Farmer Magazine as well as coordinating with writers to meet deadlines and working to develop a unique image for the publication.

“Having been a part of MACE for nearly two years, I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work as an assistant editor at such an esteemed publication as Hemp Farmer. As assistant editor I am looking forward to bringing a passion for hemp and a love for incredible stories to the magazine. We have a duty to our readers and the industry as a whole to provide the best work possible, presenting authenticity every step of the way.”

McCoy joins the MACE editorial team while working as a staff writer, writing for multiple MACE publications including Terpenes & Testing Magazine, CBD Health & Wellness Magazine and Hemp Farmer. His passion for journalism began when he attended the University of Georgia where he earned a B.A. in International Relations. Thereafter, McCoy went on to write for the Borgen Project, a non-profit based in Seattle, WA. McCoy developed a deep interest in cannabinoids and their efficacy as a medicine while living on the west coast. In addition, McCoy has a deep interest in international affairs, trade policy, and law.

MACE Media Group is a pioneer within the cannabinoid industry, boasting the largest collection of online and digital media with five digital publications in specialized niches. We are the publishers of Terpenes & Testing Magazine, Extraction Magazine, CBD Health & Wellness Magazine, and Hemp Farmer. In addition, MACE hosts eleven of the cannabinoid industry’s biggest events including The CBD Tour Expo, CannaFarm Con and Concentration. We are the gladiators of the cannabinoid industry.


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CBDIA Opens LATAM Chapter with Impressive Board

The CBD Industry Association (CBDIA) continues to expand and impress with its Latin American Advisory Board poised to make a strong and effective impact within the industry at large as it quickly grows its reach around the world. CBDIA Executive Director, Graciela Moreno expressed her excitement for, “the incredible group of leaders in LATAM that will be joining us and uniting to further the cannabinoid industry. We are able to join together and further the CBDIA’s mission on a global scale.” Felipe Varas will hold the role of Regional Director & Chair brining a solid background of experience within the industry as a co-founder of Canopy Growth Latin America Division as well as being a founder and CSO of Diamond Hemp Chile. This background and direct experience is sure to be put into use as Varas leads CBDIA LATAM into the future. The rest of the board is complimented by Regional Advisors Ethan Eastwood, an agribusiness juggernaut in his own right, Facundo Julián Alvarez, a physician and Director of International Relations for CANNAMERICA, and Sergio Sánchez Bustos, MD, who serves as Director for the NGO Latinoamerica Reforma. The vast and varied skills and capabilities afforded by such a qualified and eclectic board are sure to drive the CBDIA LATAM chapter to reach new heights in the industry while spreading knowledge and understanding that will inevitably lead to continued progress. With such a diverse skillset ranging from cannabinoid research to education to policy reform, this board is more than capable of shaping the direction of the industry in Latin America and beyond. “LATAM is one of the fastest growing cannabis and hemp markets,” says Moreno, and the expansion of the CBDIA here “will be an incredible opportunity for companies from the States to partner with and expand into Latin America. LATAM is ripe for cultivation and could possibly become the largest and biggest hemp producer.” These are exciting times for the hemp and cannabis industries and the success and progression seen in the US is overdue to expand outside any borders. The opening of CBDIA LATAM represents the beginning of many years of continued growth within the region as well as an impressive evolution led by the capable minds, vast experience, and dedication to advancement that the new board members bring to the table. Image credit:|

CBDIA Appoints Strategic Communications Veteran Jordan Isenstadt to Board of Advisors

Marino Senior Vice President help lead strategic communications efforts for CBDIA NEW YORK – July 7, 2020 – The CBD & Cannabinoid Industry Association (CBDIA) today announced the appointment of Marino Senior Vice President Jordan Isenstadt to the association’s board of advisors. Marino is a full-service communications firm delivering data-driven, fully integrated strategies focused on changing perceptions, amplifying impressions and fostering high-level relationships to build brands. The firm will be the exclusive public relations partner for CBDIA. “We are proud to add Jordan Isenstadt, a longtime communications strategist in the cannabis industry, to our growing board of advisors,” said CBDIA Executive Director Graciela Moreno. “Jordan and I share the same vision of positively altering and correcting the public’s perception of CBD and other cannabinoids. We know that this can only be achieved through communication, strong research and education. Jordan will be an asset in helping us to achieve these goals.” As a senior vice president at Marino, a leading strategic communications firm with offices in New York City and Los Angeles, Isenstadt leads the agency’s cannabis practice, among other verticals including higher education and energy. Over the last four years, Marino has successfully built and expanded a cannabis unit, working with clients including Curaleaf, True Terpenes, Jenny’s Baked At Home, Breeder’s Best, REVEL, Xtraction Services, and Potbotics. Earlier this year, the agency also founded and launched the Cannabis Media Lab, a start-up accelerator that provides socially responsible cannabis entrepreneurs with specialized media-focused skills and resources. “I look forward to solidifying CBDIA as the authoritative thought leader on the future of CBD and other cannabinoids in my new role on the board of advisors,” said Isenstadt. “As a strong supporter of CBD, cannabinoids and cannabis, I am committed to continue advocating for the plant while contributing to the Association’s mission to elevate awareness.” Prior to joining Marino, Isenstadt was global chief communications officer at Australian-based education provider, Ducere Global Business School. Previously, he served as deputy director of the Association for a Better New York, a New York City based non-profit. Earlier in his early career, Isenstadt spent time in various political communications roles in the New York State Governor’s Office and for New York State Senator Liz Krueger, among others. About the CBD Industry Association: The CBD Industry Association (CBDIA) captures the ceaseless development and explosive growth as the cannabinoid industry’s leading trade association. They deliver essential resources so that those involved in the industry can share real-world knowledge and experiences. CBDIA nurtures and advances enduring success and awareness – no matter where you are in the industry. CBDIA was founded by Celeste Miranda who leads Celeste Miranda & Associates, as well as MACE Media Group (MMG). MMG is a leader in the cannabinoid publishing and event space, publishing Terpenes & Testing Magazine, Extraction Magazine, CBD Health & Wellness, TOPICAL Magazine and the Journal of Cannabinoid Medicine, and producing The CBD Expo Tour, CannaFarm Con and CONCENTRATION Conferences. For more information, visit the CBDIA website.

CBDIA Board Member Jim DeMesa, MD, MBA Featured in Latest Issue of CBD Health & Wellness Magazine

Pismo Beach, CA, June 1, 2020 – Today MACE Media Group published the latest issue of CBD Health & Wellness Magazine with a cover and feature article devoted to Cannabinoid Industry Association (CBDIA) Board Member Jim DeMesa, MD, MBA, Emerald Health Pharmaceuticals (EHP) President and CEO, and his colleagues. The issue highlights the development of a novel cannabinoid compound, EHP-101, currently in testing as a treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS). Dr. DeMesa discussed how this new cannabinoid-derived therapy could significantly impact disease course and potentially achieve the “Holy Grail” of MS by reversing the neural damage caused by the disease. MACE Media Group CEO Celeste Miranda, who lives with MS, introduces the feature article with a heartfelt note about her experience and how cannabinoids have been instrumental in managing her symptoms. Miranda’s commitment to the cannabinoid industry is a personal one and she is honored to share this research. “CBDIA exists to bring together leaders in the cannabinoid industry to foster collaboration and growth. Through our publications, we seek to highlight the latest findings from industry leaders and medical professionals and are thrilled to share the cutting-edge research of companies like EHP that are working hard to bring new cannabinoid-based therapies to patients,” noted Miranda. In the article, Dr. DeMesa discusses years of diligent work led by Eduardo Muñoz, MD, PhD and Giovanni Appendino, PhD to modify and optimize cannabinoid molecules and make them better suited to target certain receptors and biologic pathways throughout the body which are targets for various diseases with unmet medical needs. EHP is currently advancing EHP-101 through clinical trials to assess its treatment potential for systemic sclerosis and MS, and is conducting preclinical work on a second molecule, EHP-102, focused on Parkinson’s disease and Huntington’s disease. “It is an honor to have the opportunity to discuss our work at EHP with the CBDIA community,” said Dr. DeMesa. “Our approach to developing a new treatment paradigm for diseases like MS with unmet medical needs and no cures is based on the convergence of cannabinoids, biology, and science. Our initiation of Phase II is now underway with EHP-101, which is a novel, patented synthetic cannabidiol (CBD) derivative that has demonstrated significant, positive results in pre-clinical and Phase I studies.” The CBD Health & Wellness team is grateful to Dr. DeMesa’s for sharing his insights with our readers. About MACE Media Group MACE Media Group publishes niche cannabis industry trade publications. Its first title, Terpenes and Testing Magazine, was the first industry trade publication devoted to cannabis science. Its newer publications, CBD Health & Wellness Magazine, Extraction Magazine, and TOPICAL Magazine, revolve around the growing CBD and cannabinoid industry to provide news on trending applications, medical research, and updates with laws and regulations. MACE also produces many trade events that attract dozens of cannabis and mainstream media journalists. Currently, MACE Media Group is producing a tour of CBD expos bringing together thousands of industry influencers, forming the most comprehensive CBD event in the United States. Find out more at MACE Media Group. About CBDIA CBDIA empowers professionals in the cannabinoid industry with education, advocacy, and community. We serve as the premier expert resource on trends, technologies, legalities, limitations, developments, and other issues that affect your business by nourishing a community of shared knowledge and resources to benefit everyone. CBDIA elevates awareness and expands knowledge and advocate for legal and regulatory environments that benefit our entire industry. Find out more at CBDIA. PURCHASE Your Copy of CBD Health & Wellness Magazine HERE

The CBD Industry Association (CBDIA) Proudly Welcomes Priscilla P. Agoncillo as its new President of the Board of Advisors

Pismo Beach, CA, May 21, 2020 – The CBD Industry Association (CBDIA) proudly welcomes Priscilla P. Agoncillo as its new President of the Board of Advisors. Priscilla P. Agoncillo brings a passion for advocacy and abundant experience that will benefit the association and industry at large. As a prominent business advisor serving the cannabinoid industry for over 15 years, Ms. Agoncillo has expertise in business strategy, branding, and business development with a thorough background in banking, private equity, sales and entertainment. As a cannabinoid advocate, Priscilla has appeared countless times as a public speaker for patient rights, law reform, and cannabis business insight on various newspapers, television, radio programs, and industry conferences. Ms. Agoncillo served as the Campaign Field Director of Proposition 19, the first initiative to tax and legalize cannabis for the state of California, helping pave the legal pathway for the most significant legal cannabis market in the world. Priscilla also served the California Hemp Association and Foundation advising, conducting R&D and developing some of the first large-scale commercial hemp farms in California. This familiarity and proficiency in cannabis and hemp politics adds serious significance to her role within the CBDIA. Ms. Agoncillo is Co-Owner of OBL Biodynamic Farms, a multiple award-winning licensed cannabinoid breeding farm & Co-Founder of the Original Breeders League – an organization created to gather top-performing cannabinoid breeders from around the world to collaborate in comprehensive and commercially-driven cannabis and hemp breeding projects. These projects have helped to develop various international companies throughout Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, California, USA. Ms. Agoncillo currently serves as the Chief Business Officer for Mandara Pharma Inc., a Canadian/Colombian based cannabinoid pharmaceutical company and has helped form and direct a global business strategy spanning across North America, LATAM, Australia and Europe. “We are very excited and ever thankful for Priscilla’s involvement with the CBDIA,” says the association’s founder, Celeste Miranda. “Her background in business strategy and politics will serve as a solid resource for our members and community. She will make a great leader for our rapidly expanding association.” Graciela Moreno, Executive Director of the CBDIA adds, “Ms. Agoncillo has vast knowledge in many aspects of the cannabinoid industry and we couldn’t be happier to have her take the reigns as President of the Board. Her insight and expertise are sure to prove tremendously valuable and the intrigue of her international involvement is apparent as the industry develops around the globe.” Ms. Priscilla Agoncillo intimately understands the needs and trends of the domestic and global cannabinoid industry. As President of the Board of CBDIA, her experience will help guide CBDIA members to establish their businesses successfully in emerging markets, navigate through continually evolving regulations and help members strategically prepare and position their businesses for success within the growing cannabinoid industry through education, advocacy and the CBDIA’s highly esteemed community of cannabinoid professionals.

The CBD Industry Association (CBDIA) Proudly Welcomes D.C. Lobbyist Romano Romani, Ph.D. as a Member of its Advisory Board

Pismo Beach, CA, April 16, 2020 – The CBD Industry Association (CBDIA) proudly welcomes Romano Romani, Ph.D. as a member of its advisory board. Romani will take the lead on representing the CBD Industry, through CBDIA, on “the hill” in D.C. Romani brings with him decades of lobbying experience in the halls of congress alongside a passionate pursuit of progressing the future of the CBD industry. He has been instrumental in getting H.R.5587 in front of key policy makers at the highest level. This bill, now in line to be approved by the US Congress, is a significant step in amending the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to ease regulations on CBD and CBD containing substances. The influence and clout that Romani directly brings to the CBDIA is evident through his current efforts to fundamentally change the Federal stance on hemp products alongside a decade spent as Legislative Director and Staff Director for two former Senators. He was previously a Professor of Political Science and holds a Ph.D. from The Johns Hopkins University as well. The many proficiencies he possesses are certain to have a direct impact on the CBDIA and his personal efforts may very well end up shaping the very substance of the CBD and cannabis industries moving forward. “We are tremendously grateful to have Mr. Romani as a member of our Advisory Board,” remarked CBDIA Executive Director, Graciela Moreno. “His political and legislative experience is a welcome and much needed asset towards furthering our reach and influence at a level that can candidly change our industry for the better. He provides us with a working knowledge of how to lobby and promote our efforts into empowering the industry with education and advocacy.” Romani is also personally intrigued by the hemp and CBD industries and sees great potential in the near future. “I am excited to contribute my knowledge and experience as part of the CBDIA while continuing efforts to change Federal positioning on the regulations surrounding hemp-derived products,” he states. In the steadily progressing world of hemp and cannabis regulations, Romani adds substantial authority to expand the effectiveness of the CBDIA while promoting and pursuing key changes in the laws and regulations that will shape the scope of the industry. About CBD Industry Association: The Cannabinoid Industry Association (CBDIA) captures the ceaseless development and explosive growth of the CBD and Cannabis industry as the industry’s leading trade association. CBDIA empowers professionals in the cannabinoid industry with education, advocacy, and community. CBDIA nurtures and advances enduring success and awareness – no matter where you are in the industry. Contact Information: MACE Media Group Celeste Miranda, CEO 805-530-2424

CBD Expo EAST Breaks Records for the CBD Industry in Florida

The second stop of the CBD Expo Tour came to a conclusion in the afternoon hours on Saturday this past weekend. DECEMBER 12, 2018  CBD Expo EAST broke records, welcoming over 4,000 visitors for the first time Florida visit. The crowd spread itself through the extensive schedule of over 40 education sessions featuring industry physicians, scientists and other speakers from around the world. Totaling over 80 speakers participating in keynote presentations, panel discussions, interactive workshop, stage demonstrations and certification classes on a variety of topics relating CBD and its health benefits. The conference has seen a consistent increase of attendance numbers since it embarked on its tour with an opening stop in Anaheim, California, in September. “It is incredible to see this event growing location over location,” MACE Media Group’s CEO, Celeste Miranda, said. “Not only have we expanded the event in terms of exhibit space, but we again reached a record high in the number of visitors who came to the event. This shows the ongoing importance of the business value that both buyers and suppliers in the global CBD industry find in this event.” The event includes CBD Health & Wellness Magazine Awards, recognizing outstanding CBD Products. In the competition, a panel of industry experts in CBD products judged 40 finalists on their taste, originality, practicality, innovation, packaging, market potential and nutritional aspects. The exhibitors were extremely pleased with the turnout. Gwen Garret, the Director of Marketing for CFH Ltd. said, “Thank you all so much for your hard work. It was very professional and so well organized. The show turned out beautifully and we are all very grateful! We appreciate all you have done to raise the caliber of the industry and elevate the conversation!” CBD Coaching certifications were also given through the CBD Training Institute after more than 30 attendees completed the required hours of training and testing. “Our Dream Team of CBD Experts provided a deep domain of knowledge and the feedback from the coaches were excellent,” commented CBD Training Academy’s CEO, Rick Diamond. The next stop on the CBD Expo Tour is Indianapolis, Indiana, on March 15-16. For more information go to

CBD Industry Association Appoints New Executive Director While Current Director Takes Over Cannabinoid Medicine Studies Program

MARCH 31, 2020 – Pismo Beach, CA – The CBD Industry Association has named Graciela Moreno Executive Director. Graciela previously served as the Director of Member Engagement and is stepping into the position vacated by Heidi Sewell who has taken on Executive Director duties for the Cannabinoid Medicine Studies program.

“Heidi has been instrumental in the progression of CBDIA and we look forward to her doing the same for the CMS program. Gracie was a natural choice to take over Executive Director duties, since her work as the Director of Membership Engagement has been impressive. I look forward to the positive moves as we have a lot coming up”, said Celeste Miranda CBDIA Founder.

The Cannabinoid Industry Association (CBDIA) captures the ceaseless developments in the CBD and cannabinoid industry and its explosive growth as the leading trade association. CBDIA delivers essential resources so that those involved in the industry can share real-world knowledge and experiences. CBDIA nurtures and advances enduring success and awareness.

Moreno comes to CBDIA from a long history in the industry and has been instrumental in increasing retention in the association’s membership. “Being involved in the cannabis industry at this time is very exciting and being able to help the CBD industry grow through community is such a privilege”, Moreno added.

The CBD Industry Association is currently accepting new memberships and preferred partners. For more information, visit the website at

About CBD Industry Association:

The Cannabinoid Industry Association (CBDIA) captures the ceaseless development and explosive growth of the CBD and Cannabis industry as the industry’s leading trade association. CBDIA empowers professionals in the cannabinoid industry with education, advocacy, and community. CBDIA nurtures and advances enduring success and awareness – no matter where you are in the industry.