We are Gladiators for the Cannabinoid Industry.

MACE Media’s publications and conferences are the CBD and Scientific Cannabinoid industry’s largest collection of printed and online media with 5 printed titles in segmented niches and 11 major industry events.

We are the Publishers of Extraction Magazine Terpenes & Testing Magazine, Extraction Magazine, CBD Health & Wellness Magazine and The Cannabinoid Medical Journal.

We are the Producers of The CBD Expo Tour, CannaFarm Con and Concentration.

Celeste Miranda is also the Founder of the CBD Industry Association and The Cannabinoid Medicine Studies certification program.

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Celeste Miranda,
Founder and CEO

Meet our Publications

Terpenes and Testing
Preceded by its Reputation

Extraction Magazine
Cannabinoid Extraction Publication

CBD Health & Wellness
A Consumer Based Science Publication

The Journal of Cannabinoid Medicine
Peer-Reviewed Cannabinoid Research

Meet our Conferences

An Extraction Conference

A Mushroom Conference

CannaFarm Con
A Scientific Farming Conference

A Dedicated World Tour
The Most Respected CBD Conference

Meet our Industry Ventures

A Certification Program

CBD Industry Association
A Professional Association

Our Goals
A Team of Gladiators

Our collaborative and passionate team work to further the cannabinoid industry through the latest research and education. We’re building a platform of knowledge with the world’s most brilliant thinkers, all year long. Join us every step of the way as we change the world through our Publications, Events, & Medicine Journal.

Our family of publications include:
Terpenes & Testing Magazine
Extraction Magazine
CBD Health & Wellness Magazine
Journal of Cannabinoid Medicine
Hemp Farmer Magazine

Our family of events includes:
The CBD Expo Tour
CannaFarm Con
MyCO Con

What it’s ALL about for us: The Journal of Cannabinoid Medicine

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We have continued to be innovators for our industry, with an entrepreneurial culture that is never satisfied with the status quo, for ourselves or for our clients.