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MACE Media

MACE Media’s Magazines are the cannabis industry’s largest collection of printed and online media with 4 titles in 4 segmented niches and 4 industry events, Terpenes and Testing Conference, The CBD Expo (east and west) and The Terpenes Experience.


Terpenes & Testing

For the science enthused professional with daily cannabis news, research, and opinions.

Terpenes & Testing

Terpenes and Testing Magazine provides the scientific cannabis world with cutting-edge politics, news, and methods about cannabis testing, extractions, and more. Emphasizing science and infusing culture, our bi-monthly publication reaches lab professionals world-wide. Our print magazine is widely distributed to extraction facilities and laboratories globally. The digital copy is available for sale on Google Play and the Apple store. We update our blog daily with cannabis science tidbits.

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Extraction Magazine

The stories, people and products by Extractors for Extractors.

Extraction Magazine

Extraction Magazine is the ONLY source completely dedicated to the extraction industry. Written by extractors for extractors, it provides the cannabis extraction community with the most recent news, politics, and methods about compliance and extraction. We take pride in creating a relevant digital news source with an emphasis on cannabis extraction and an infusion of culture that reaches a large number of interested subscribers and cannabis professionals around the world.

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Cannabis Packaging News

The Cannabis Industry's ONLY Source for Packaging Information and News

Cannabis Packaging News

Cannabis Packaging News, a subsidiary of Mace Media, is an integrated media company delivering the latest news reports, technical methods, political issues, and compliance tips on cannabis packaging needs. We infuse culture with trade knowledge and are proud to offer a potent news source that reaches large audiences of cannabis professionals globally. We stand alone as the only news source in this publishing space on this critical topic in the recreational Cannabis market.

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CBD Health and Wellness

Focus on the sale, production, and research of CBD and other Cannabinoids

CBD Health and Wellness

CBD Health and Wellness is a new magazine focusing on the sale, production, and research of CBD and other Cannabinoids. CBD Health and Wellness connects readers with accurate sources of information about the therapeutic applications of Cannabinoids. We discover the facts surrounding CBD, describe current CBD market and research, and help foster the industry’s rise in popularity. Our supported Expos, CBD West and CBD East, provide more platforms.

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Celeste Miranda

CEO and Founder

As our CEO and fearless leader, Celeste’s goal is to empower entrepreneurial businesses to grow and succeed through marketing and media.

Maribel Vergel de Dios

VP of Social Media Strategies

Maribel oversees our Social Media Managers. She is a QC hawk and does all that while watching TMZ and doing Zumba at the same time.

Adam Headley

VP of Event Management

As our VP of Event Management, Adam works in virtually all fields from planning and development to customer service and quality control. He plays a key role in keeping company morale high and enjoys playing piano and rock climbing.

Aamir Iqbal

Lead Web Developer

Aamir Iqbal is our Lead Web Developer and has an expertise on both Front End and Back End web development. He designs and develops all of our websites.

Gina Bee

Social Media Coordinator

Gina Bee is an amazingly creative out-of-the-box thinker when it comes to social media. She beeeeee cool!

Jason S. Lupoi, Ph.D.

Editor-in-Chief of Terpenes & Testing Magazine and Extraction Magazine

Jason is the Editor-in-Chief of both Terpenes and Testing Magazine and Extraction Magazine. With a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, and a background in and love of working with plants, Jason passionately seeks to provide throngs of people with cool, innovative science to geek out over. When not working, Jason enjoys drinking hazy, juicy IPAs or sours while reading Hunter Thompson yet again.

John MacKay

Scientific Editor

John is the Scientific Editor for both Terpenes and Testing Magazine and Extraction Magazine. With a Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry, after years of teaching at colleges, he became the CEO and Founder of Synergistic Technology Associates that specializes in developing botanical extraction and testing efficiency within the cannabis industry.

Dianelle Bresler

Editor of CPN

Dianelle Bresler is the awesome Editor-in-Chief of Cannabis Packaging News. She loves her job, her dog Fluffy, and her husband… in that order.

Tamir Bresler

Editor of CBD Health and Wellness Magazine

Tamir Bresler is the Editor of the upcoming publication CBD Health and Wellness. His stated goal is to disseminate interesting, relevant information to consumers and enthusiasts alike.

Bradford Burgess

In-House Account Rep

Mark Nockels

Account Rep

Casey Walsh

Account Rep

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